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We “Charming Aura” welcome you to the world of Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy has been a tradition in Asia and India since thousands of years. Our Nature Earth has blessed us with all the natural ingredients and resources to keep ourselves healthy and protected from illnesses. Natural resources extracted from flowers, plants, trees etc. in the form of Nectar or Essential oils can be used for Aroma massages, Diffusing, adding in your beauty products etc. for getting the tonnes of unknown healthcare and beauty care benefits, and that is too, All naturally…

Charming Aura is the latest brand launched under the banner of M/s Urban Trendz Retail. We offer you a wide range of Pure & Natural undiluted Therapeutic grade Essential oils, Essential oil Blends, Aroma oils, Carrier oils, Aromatherapy massage oils blended with Pure Essential oils for multi purpose health and beauty care benefits, Hand made herbal bathing soaps, Herbal extracted powders, Hydrosol waters, Aroma Candles, Aroma Diffusers, Perfumes made of pure essential oils, Herbal Beauty care products and so on…

All our products are 100% natural and plant based. We are commited to provide you all natural and genuine products free from chemicals and other harmful substances.

Let’s join hands with us in this journey to help make our planet healthy, happy and livable for us and our next generation.

We are motivated and commited to serve you with love and to offer you all Genuine products, at Least possible prices, Fast delivery at your doorsteps and an appreciable customer service.

Your valuable suggestions and feedback are welcome !

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Lavender Essential Oil- 15ml


Net Volume: 15ml

A must-have oil, known for an array of natural benefits. The oil helps reduce skin imperfections and soothes irritations. The oil is known to help soak away stressful and anxious feelings. It is generally used for a restful night's sleep.


Eucalyptus Essential Oil- 15ml


Net volume: 15ml

Made from the leaves and flowers of the Eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus Essential Oil has been used due to its medicinal properties for centuries. It is also known as Nilgiri Oil. Eucalyptus Essential Oil can prove to be more than useful for treating congestion, cold and cough, asthma, and other conditions. Just inhaling Eucalyptus essential oil promotes overall wellness and vitality. Rejuvenate your body by adding this Oil to your bath oils and bathtubs. Antiseptic properties of eucalyptus essential oil allow you to use it to disinfect open wounds and scrapes. For faster relief, you can blend it with olive oil.

Therapeutic Benefits: ♥ Stress Busting ♥ Retain moisture of skin ♥ Improves Libido ♥ Heals Acne & Skin problems Botanical name:             Eucalyptus Globulus Method of Extraction:  Steam Distilled Parts used:                          Leaves & Flowers Country of origin:          India

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