Terms and Conditions
Please read below Terms of Service,that are applicable,by default, to all users as well as prospective customers on the website www.CharmingAura.in, including, for any updates to the terms
1. Our products are to be used only for personal usage by an adult, and in case of minors, under supervision of adults
2. In course of browsing through our website, you shall not transmit any virus, also, any unauthorized access or hacking is strictly prohibited. You are also prohibited from indulging in any other unlawful or illegal activity
3. Charming Aura reserves right of refusal of its services, to anyone, solely based on their interpretation
4. Your personal information will be used judiciously to facilitate e-commerce services, including, encrypted credit card or related financial instrument information, through the payment gateway
5. The information related to various products on this site may neither be comprehensive nor to be treated as fully accurate, hence, additional information collation is recommended in case, someone wishes to have a fully reliable detailing. To this extent, Charming Aura not to be held accountable for 100% data or detail veracity
6. There may as well be traces of inaccuracies in all category of detailing on the website, that will be corrected over time, without any advance intimation, however, once these are noticed by us and rectified, these could be applicable with retrospective effect as well. Charming Aura will be fully within its right to effect these changes without any liability, whatsoever.
7. Any duplication or copying our products, will be liable for legal action
8. We do not offer any assurance concerning any problem encountered by you, on account of usage of third party services, nor will be liable for any damages resulting from customer usage of any third party services. In order to limit losses, it is highly recommended for all users to exercise caution and become fully acquainted with the service terms of these external service providers
9. Under no circumstances will Charming Aura, its promoters, be held accountable for any Damage, Loss or Injury, of any kind or nature, by usage of our products and services. By using our website and going through the specified Service terms, all users as well as customers hereby agree not to hold Charming Aura responsible or liable, in any way
10. The actual product delivered to you will likely be different than the one depicted on the website, in terms of colour and texture
11. Charming Aura will not be responsible in case our products or services do not meet your expectations. Similarly, we do not give any assurances that the results obtained from usage of our products will be fully reliable or consistent
12. Since all our products are made in batch process, it may be possible that, in case of supply chain constraint of certain ingredients, we might have to restrict sale of associated products
13. Certain geographical locations might not be possible to service, accordingly our products and services might not get supplied to such places
14. Charming Aura will not be responsible on account of unexpected delays or curtailment of services related to associated logistics agency and also the payment gateway services, as these are a separate entity than Charming Aura
15. Restricting supply or holding back from accepting order from a specific customer or user type, will be at the sole discretion of Charming Aura
16. Concerning Customer feedback and Reviews, we reserve right to remove content deemed unsuitable or unpleasant, at the same time, Charming Aura be having complete liberty to reproduce your comments, without altering the underlying concept, and for such comments, there will not be any compensation or refund to users sharing these
17. In case of non-delivery of any despatched consignment owing to inaccuracy in address given by purchaser, there will be no liability of Charming Aura, in any way
18. The prices listed on Charming Aura website are subject to change, without any prior notice, hence, we request you to regularly visit the website
19. All Prices are Inclusive of GST 18%.